Whether your goal is to lose 20lbs, join a great community of people or become a world champion, our reputable program can help you achieve success.

Our coaches place emphasis on teaching fundamental skills and positions, physical fitness and building a supportive team environment.

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"I first came to Ouroboros when it opened in Waterdown from De La Sol Yoga Studios. Initially training in BJJ was very daunting to me coming from a yoga background, but it was the mentality and environment at the gym that kept me with it. As a woman training in this male-dominated sport, I have always felt welcomed, valued, and respected as an equal training partner. The gym's focus on technique and perseverance has allowed me to learn so much over the years, both on and off the mats. This is a place where everyone knows your name and is always up for a fist-bump and a roll - it will get you hooked and keep you coming back for more."


"My journey began in July 2014 when Ouroboros opened their doors to the residents of  Waterdown and surrounding areas. I was 50 years old walking into what l thought was a twist to a great physical workout. I was a bit nervous being the old guy (aka Poppa Bear) but it was only after a few rolls with teammates and instruction from Coach Andre that l quickly learned that you are not only challenging yourself physically but mentally and emotionally. This part of the journey was very new to me! After 2.5 years, l was successful in achieving my blue belt with commitment, training, hard work and most importantly the support of my Ouroboros family. My journey continues OSS!"



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