We teach your children that SUCCESS is a result of cultivating RESPECT, FOCUS, PERSEVERANCE and HUMILITY.

Our coaching staff take great pride in providing a safe and inspiring environment in which your children can learn Jiu-Jitsu and important life skills.

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"Two of our kids have been at OBJJ for a year now, and it’s been a great experience for them.  The staff and teachers at the studio are encouraging and supportive, and the classes are fun and challenging.  I’ve been especially grateful for Coach Andre’s ability to take note of individual kids’ personalities and aptitudes so that he can create situations where they can thrive. "


"I can not recommend OBJJ enough! My son started at almost 6 years old and has been here for almost two years. The coaches are all amazing and provide a safe environment for each student to reach their full potential. It is so nice to be part of an organization that cares about each student and gets to know each and every one of them individually."


"My son Gabe started at OBJJ 2 ½ years ago at the age of 11. He had some previous martial arts experience but was looking for a more hands-on contact style sport. At the time he was quite shy and wasn’t really confident. Shortly after enrolling my son fell in love with the sport. As a mother, I instantly loved the positive environment that Andre created with his ability to manage, teach and mentor the kids effectively. I learned this was not just a place where he would learn to fight but would learn valuable life lessons. Months later, we started to see Gabe’s confidence increase on all levels. His friendships forming at the club where solid and real. The environment was one of personal growth, strength and encouragement. This began to translate to his personal life. Gabe just loved the time on the mat learning new holds and techniques, while I loved the lessons he would learn about dedication, grit, and determination. My son has since become part of the competitive team and he has struggled through many losses, all of which proved to be valuable lessons in resiliency, and work ethic. This year, with Andre's guidance and Gabe’s increasing mental and physical strength, he has gone on to win many tournaments not without a few lessons in humility. My son’s confidence continues to develop and he is now helping others to see their strengths. What he enjoys are the friendships, the powerful workouts and the mental challenge of the sport. What I love is how OBJJ has changed the way my son see himself and world. Andre and the team at OBJJ are effectively teaching Jiu-jitsu while maintaining a focus on what it takes to succeed in life and become a good person."